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Attention Actors!

I’m going to have a reading of Descartados & Silhouettes, probably in December, at a Brooklyn art gallery. These are the roles.

Allyson, female, 30s, and ex-pat doctor living in Buenos Aires.
Aaron, male, 30s, Allyson’s brother.
Maximiliano, male, 20s, a newly minted Argentine doctor.
Pomo, male, early 20s, a San Francisco sex worker.
Jorge, male, older, former ruthless dictator and de facto President of Argentina.
Carla, female, older, an Argentine journalist.
Fede, male, late teens, a former Argentine activist.
Sam, Allyson’s father.
Patricia, Allyson’s mother.

Jorge/Sam are played by same actor; and Carla/Patricia are played by the same actor.

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